Farming and land has been in my family for generations. While I am a retired speech therapist and native Memphian, my mother’s family farmed along the river in Arkansas where my early interest in growing and nature took hold like the strong roots of a tall flower. 

Over the years, friends and I have passed perennials and plants back and forth, enriching our gardens and our lives. My mother even filled her own home with flowers she dried herself.

No matter the distance or each life chapter, my mother and I remained close friends until she died in 2016. Finding myself in a new chapter of life, I found comfort in faith, family and friends as I reflected on my next path.

Hello, I'm Margaret! Flowers Local Memphis began long before I discovered the first flower seed or drew a design.

And then, I discovered specialty cut flower growing. I once read where plants nurture us more than we ever do them.  After my first season of sowing and planting and discovering, I know that to be true - and I feel my mother cheering me on every day.

I hope to share this new joy, and my flowers, with you.

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