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by the organic flower farming methods of Floret farm. In early 2018, I began learning their techniques for small-scale, high-intensity flower production and apply them today in all of my flower beds.

Our seasonal, specialty cut flower garden located in the heart of East Memphis reflects a particular growing style inspired 


Dedicated to growing responsibly, all of our specialty cut flowers are produced without pesticides or chemicals

While not certified organic yet, we practice the same principles, relying on sustainable practices like compost tea for fertilizer and beneficial insects like praying mantis and lady bugs.

Our Philosophy

We believe the same about giving and helping others in our local community. For every bouquet sold, we donate 10% of our profits to a local charity, or we hold one stem towards creating a 10-stem bouquet. When the bouquet is finished, we deliver it to either local hospice or senior individuals.

Nature itself is a circle, continually beginning and ending.

Giving Back

Farming and land has been in my family for generations. While I am a native Memphian and retired speech therapist, my mother’s family farmed along the river in Arkansas where my early interest in growing and nature took hold like the strong roots of a tall flower.

Hello, I'm Margaret! Flowers Local Memphis began long before I discovered the first flower seed or drew a design.

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